Month: September 2017

Train Market in Bangkok

I have been a fond of markets from early age in my life and when I travel they are mandatory stop in each place I visit. They are business spaces full of life and the perfect place to discover new ingredients and taste new flavours. While travelling, markets are the best spot to meet locals and understand their food preferences and gastronomy influences. During my stay in Bangkok  I chose to visit this market amongst others because it has a unique concept and it’s truly worth it. So let me take you around and be careful because the train...

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Street food in Bangkok

The street food capital of the world is my new foodie paradise! When I read the news about street food to be banned in Bangkok… I got very stressed. How could I miss that gastronomy live show after so many years travelling for food? Would you miss it? I really couldn’t, so I made my way to add this vibrant trip to my schedule this year and trust me, it has been the best decision ever. After all, street food will not be banned (media tend to exaggerate) but new food safety rules will be implemented by the government...

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