Welcome to Chavela Brown, a blog devoted to food, travel and to some other little pleasures in life.

I grew up in the kitchen with my mom preparing homemade cakes and savoury dishes. By that time, I use to put my finger into the bowl just to taste the uncooked cake and cookie dough (I still do it and I love it ­čśŐ). Obsessed with food, I spent years collecting cooking books from around the world and discovering new ingredients.

I love eating, cooking, travelling, taking random pictures and telling stories through food. When I travel I love meeting the local people,┬álisten to their stories and eat where they eat, that’s the best way to discover the destination’s soul.

I hope you get inspired with ┬ámy foodie adventures around the world and remember food is a pleasure to be enjoyed slowly and with full awareness…


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I try very hard answering all emails, please note that if I do not respond on the same day, probably I am offline…enjoying the pleasures of food and life.


Yummy regards,

Chavela Brown