Riverside shopping at Damnoen Floating Market

What do you think about getting into a traditional long-tail boat to go shopping? Well, that’s the style when you are at a market by the river in Thailand!

Floating market bangkok

There are many floating markets in Bangkok but Damnoen Saduak market is the largest and the most popular. It is located in Ratchaburi Province and about 100km far away from downtown.

Long time ago the floating markets in Asian countries were started because the communities use to settle in areas near by the rivers to have fresh water and to have a easy boat access to sell and buy products. Afterwards the cities started to develop and the product transactions were made by road leaving the floating markets forgotten.

Nowadays the most of this market are mainly surviving from the tourists and this make possible to preserve this cultural heritage.

Get into the boat and enjoy!

Long tail boat in Floating Market in Bangkok

I arrived early morning to avoid the extreme heat and I was impressed that the place was already crowded of tourists and boats moving around. I took first boat available and started the journey around the narrow canals. If you are looking forĀ  a relaxing boat ride….you are in the wrong place! There is a lot traffic, the engine’s sound is horrible and you will hit some boats along the way, but that’s what makes this place special.

Floating market

At both sides of the canals there are shops with avid shop keepers trying to sell you very interesting items at higher prices that in the city… so please do not forget to bargain to make it a good deal!

What can you buy here?

Floating market Bangkok

You can find local farming products in this market such as fresh tropical fruits and many kinds of vegetables.

Art vendor in Floating Market Bangkok

By the other side, there are infinity of items like paintings, clothes, handicrafts, souvenirs…

Floating market Bangkok

As well there are few dinning options in the deck, where you can eat traditional thai dishes and there are boats offering coconut ice-cream, mango sticky rice and several kinds of noodles!

Drinks boat at floating market

I can assure you that it’s a wonderful and fun experience….so please enjoy the ride! Cheers!!!


Yummy regards,