I have been a fond of markets from early age in my life and when I travel they are mandatory stop in each place I visit.

They are business spaces full of life and the perfect place to discover new ingredients and taste new flavours. While travelling, markets are the best spot to meet locals and understand their food preferences and gastronomy influences.

During my stay in Bangkok  I chose to visit this market amongst others because it has a unique concept and it’s truly worth it.

So let me take you around and be careful because the train will not stop!

Maeklong Railway Market

train market bangkok

I arrived to the market around 20 min before the train was scheduled to pass through. By this time, It was crowded of people walking by the narrow train line and waiting for the show to start.

Few minutes later an alarm rang, the train was coming! And this was the moment when everyone started to move. The tourists, excited yet confused, trying to locate themselves at a safe area while not interfiering to the vendor’s movements. By the other side, the vendors, moving advidly all their goods and folding the big umbrellas. In a matter of seconds, the train tracks were empty and the train was driving through.

train market bangkok

Immediately after that, all shops were set up again like if nothing ever happened.

Quite adventourous experience just for a market where you go to buy veggies right? let me tell you a bit more about its origins…

This market is located in the province of Samut Songkhram and about 50km from Bangkok. The beginning of this market dates back to 1905. Only years after the current railway was built but the market remained even if the train tracks were just in the middle!

Nowadays it became one of the top attractions for tourists but still their main income is from locals purchasing fresh goods for their daily meals.

In this market you can find an extense variety of food products such as meat, fish, fruits, fresh vegetables and drinks. As well there are some food stalls where you can eat or enjoy a refreshing juice to beat the heat.

train market Bangkoktrain market Bangkok

If you love discovering new things… you can find some curious bites such as deep-fried or grilled local frogs, a delicacy in Thailand.

train market bangkok

Regardless if you are a foodie or not, I think you will love this place. And after this experience, everytime you go to do your groceries near by home…you will think…such a boring way to buy veggies!

train market bangkok

Soon I will take you to another very interesting place in Bangkok…the Floating Market!

Yummy regards,